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What's been done so far and what's next!

Right now, I'm still working all alone on this game with love and passion for hockey! I've coded most of what's needed for the offensive aspect of the game ( how to protect the puck, wristers, backhand, slapshots, one-timers, pass, saucer pass, slap pass, and more). I also added some very quick animation just so I can make my code works in-game, but eventually, they will all need to be fine-tuned or replaced. I'm still looking forward to hiring a professional animator to get some realistic animations. I'm gradually looking for financing. I heard that with COVID-19, the government is financing a lot of businesses to relaunch the economy, so that's good news! Here, in Canada, the government was already financing a bunch of studios, but I'm also considering a Kickstarter, depending on the size of the community we manage to get.

So, what else is to come? I'm still working on the practice mode. It's how I test everything I integrate into the game and in the end, I'll keep the practice mode for the players to master the game! I'm working on adding some basic AI, though, they probably won't be integrated into MHL online games, else than maybe for goalies. I need those ai to test the one-timers, and passing behaviors, but also, for my favorite part, the hits! I have already played around with physics in MHL, and I can't wait to have it setup. Physics is what brings randomness and life into a game! Anyway, I hope you guys are excited to see how it's going and it can only get bigger! Keep sharing and let's grow a big community around the game. The more people interested in it, the better the chances of getting funded and creating something awesome!

Here's a bit of a preview,

If you're interested and you think you can bring something to the project, don't be scared to contact me personally! at

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