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New adventure game, Artifacts Raider !

Note that, this is an early idea draft. Everything may be subject to changes during the creation of the game. Run through challenging dungeons to collect artifacts protected by ancients civilisations. -CPU generated maps ( Procedural ) -Twinstick Controls, top down view. -Possibly on windows, consoles and mobile devices

-Each level/difficulty will have his own character and scenario. Players will have to learn and adapt to every characters ability and dungeon's challenges.

-Online leaderboard -COOP ( Introduce your friends and loved ones to it ;) )

-I want the game to feel intuitive, easy to get in to for casual gamers and rich in content for the hardcore ones.

Level 1:

Character: The Traveler Canada's ain't the most dangerous place to be, unless you're an artifact raider. Explore and search for clues carrying arround your two loyal companions. Theme: Canada's Indian culture... Run through canada's great forest, but beware of all the dangers ahead. Even if the Adok's tribe disapeared years ago, ruins remains. Some say, hidden in the mountains, you can still hear the whispers of what's left of the Adoks, garding their tombs.

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