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MHL - Mayhem Hockey League

I'm very excited to announce that I've been working on a hockey game for the past few weeks. It's still very early in the development, but I'm confident we'll get something amazing here! :)

MHL will be a competitive 6v6 hockey game. The game will also include, individual practice modes for players and goalie and lobbies where you'll be able to warm up with your teammates while waiting for games! My goal is to make this game more skill-based and reduced user mistakes based on poor controls. Eventually, I would love to see this game to be multiplatform, but it's not my main objective for now.

I'm usually not much of an extrovert, and I have a lot on my plate in my life right now, but I'll try to post regularly ( about 2 times a week) here and feed you updates on the dev process! I'm looking forward to building a strong community that wants in on the development, give feedback, and helps me stay motivated creating the best game possible! Soon, when I'll have a good demo to show, I'll launch a Kickstarter. Depending on the success of it, I'll be looking at expending the team's workforce with professional animator, programmer, and marketer. So if you or someone you know is interested in getting in on this project let me know!

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